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Health Insurance Buyers Guides:

Home: An easy to understand overview of individual life insurance. Learn about key points and how to recognize whether an insurance policy is right for you.

FAQs: A question and answer page informing you about conditions that may prevent you from getting health insurance and explaining some of the differences among companies.

Individual Medical: A resource for interacting with insurance agents. While it may be a mistake to purchase health insurance without an agent who can explain your policy, it’s also a mistake to allow a high pressure agent to push you into a policy without making sure you understand its features.

PPO: PPO and HMO health insurance plans remain workable and less expensive options for many people. Check out this site to understand the differences between these and traditional health insurance plans.

Personal Care: When you have to change from group coverage to individual coverage, it’s important to know your options and to understand the group coverage that you had. It’s also important to know your rights in keeping your group coverage.

Group: Group coverage is always the best option when it is available, However, even if not available through your employer, you may be part of another organization or small group that could purchase group insurance for the members. Check out this page to understand small group health insurance.

Catastrophic: If you are having difficulty obtaining health insurance, you may want to consider catastrophic coverage. In these plans, you pay the office visits and outpatient costs but use your insurance if you have a major illness or injury. The result is usually a much lower premium.

Discount Plans:  Discount plans are not “insurance,” so if you can afford and are eligible for insurance, you can have both. A discount plan works on an indemnity basis, meaning that either you receive a refund directly from the company or that your receive a discount as a result of negotiations between the health care provider and insurance company. These plans are an alternative for those who are not eligible for traditional insurance.

Glossary: Like any other industry, health insurance uses its own language. Click here for easy to understand explanations of common insurance terms.


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Agent Leads: Agents, use this simple application form to be matched with individuals who are using the internet in their search for life and health insurance quotes as well as possibilities for preserving their investments.


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